We’ve grown a tremendous amount in the past two years! From one freelance groomer to a full grooming salon incubator available to other groomers interested in more autonomy for their grooming services.

Original Grooming was established because the current grooming industry standard does not pay the service providers a livable wage. Thus creating the compulsory tip culture we see in the U.S. When you give the service providers, e.g the groomers, the ability to name their prices you eliminate the need for tips.

Starting January 1, 2020 prices will increase. You can refer to the pricing page or speak to your groomer directly with any questions you may have. This means in 2020 the price you are quoted is the amount our groomers expect to be paid. Nothing more, nothing less.

A big thanks to all of our clients for trusting us with their beloved pets. When you support small business, you support a dream. Join us in changing industry standards!