OG cowork

OG  is the original cowork grooming salon in the San Francisco Bay Area. Every groomer located in the OG space is in business for themselves

Salons @ OG

Original Grooming

Kumar Rané


Co-founded Original Grooming cowork space in 2018. He has 24,000+ hours of grooming experience under his belt because he has been a full time pet groomer since 2008.

Apex Grooming

Daniel Barrs (925) 399-1172


is a Jack of all trades. He has worked with kids in therapy, in building restoration, and the automotive industry. He is available Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Schedule with Daniel toady!

Fluff Yeah Grooming

Ruby Perez (510) 738-4702

Ruby & Nugget

Ruby is ready to welcome you and your pup on her grooming adventure! Ruby has worked in a corporate grooming salon prior to apprenticing under Kumar Rané. She is a dog Mom who is constantly exploring, learning, and growing with Nugget by her side. Follow them along for the ride.

Pet Pet Grooming

Gary Yue

Gary & Dex

Gary of Pet Pet Grooming began his grooming journey with his own pets: Dex his Sheltie, and Sam Sam his Siamese cat. He has developed his breed standard grooming repertoire at a corporate salon. Could Gary be your new go-to groomer? Check out his website
Pet Pet Grooming