In order to better monitor our traffic and provide an exceptional grooming experience we do require an appointment. When requesting an appointment keep in mind that this slot is reserved until your groomer accepts the appointment.

COVID-19 updates

  • face masks required (humans only)
  • hand sanitizer is provided in the lobby
  • please do not touch pets outside your own household (I know it’s tough resisting cute dogs)
  • maintaining 6 ft of social distance (humans only)
  • appointment check-ins are limited to 15 minutes or less (you cannot stay for the duration of the groom)
  • Please cancel your appointment if you are feeling sick (clients & groomers)
  • disinfecting frequently touched surfaces (hands included)

Book 24/7

button will open up booking schedule in a new tab

*The first appointment request you will be prompted to create a profile on Vagaro (the appointment system). This is a necessary step to fill out the required form/ create a profile specific to you and your pet(s) needs.