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Kumar Rané

Original Grooming owner/ groomer

I own Original Grooming cowork space and have been grooming dogs all over the Bay Area for 11+ years. I’ve worked in both corporate and private grooming salons as a groomer/salon manager. My mission is to improve the quality of life for Bay Area dogs and groomers.

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Liz Topete

Wild Dog Grooming owner/ groomer

Liz isn’t your average groomer, she’s a wild groomer. She’s wild from a grooming standpoint because she believes that every dog is different and that their grooming services should reflect this. Her background in anthropology and dog training has allowed her pet grooming acumen to flourish. As a pet groomer her goal is to elicit the best grooming salon experience for everyone involved.

Susie Chao

pet groomer/stylist

(408) 569-6240
I have been grooming for over 14 years across the East & South Bay. I specialize in small dog grooming ( <25 lbs)

Kenneth Roman

Drooly Dog Grooming owner/groomer

(510) 516-6347

With nearly 8 years of dog grooming experience in both a professional and freelance setting I have decided to join the OG team. Originally trained under Kumar Rané at a previous salon, I have extensive experience with dogs who need extra care (e.g. anxious dogs, senior dogs, first timers). I happily accept ALL breeds and sizes!

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photo: Autri T.