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           Juneteenth and July 4th are just around the corner; and as Americans, we love to celebrate our freedom and independence with fireworks. Unfortunately for us, many of our pets do not share the love we have for these colorful sky noisemakers. In fact, summer is when the majority of dogs go missing. Fireworks and typical summer activities like backyard gatherings increase the chances.

Be prepared this year! 

  1.  Find a safe space for your dog. Any space that your dog can’t escape from if they become frightened by the fireworks or your visitors. Try a crate or an enclosed kennel 
  2. Provide calming aids. Items could include: your dogs bed ( or DoggieLawn), a calming spray, soothing music/ambient sounds, a calm but time consuming toy. You can also try feeding your pet some treats that are designed to soothe anxious dogs prior to the event. If you don’t know where to start try the calming set from DoggieLawn. It includes 3 types of calming aids.
  3.  Don’t forget your dog’s routine. If your dog is used to a routine it’s best to keep them on their routine even during our human celebrations. It’s easy to forget their potty breaks and feeding times when holidays come around but staying on schedule will decrease your dogs stress and anxiety. This is also a good opportunity to try out some dogwalkers or sitters in your area before you need them for extended care.

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