There are a plethora of pet grooming products on the market today. As an average consumer it can be an overwhelming task to decide what products are appropriate for your pet. Aside from asking your groomer or veterinarian what products they suggest there are three important things to consider when choosing the right, specifically liquids, pet grooming products are safe for your pet:

#1  One product can’t cater to all needs.

        Just because it worked for your neighbors pet doesn’t mean it will work for yours. The idea here is to answer the question what am I trying to achieve from said grooming product? Keep in mind these  factors about your pet when choosing a product:

    • pet’s age and species (cats & dogs are different!)
    • pet’s coat type/ health
    • pet’s current, sometimes seasonal, grooming concerns 
#2  Reviewing the Safety Data Sheets (sds)

        Safety Data Sheets aka SDS are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration  (OSHA) are sheets that

    • Identify the product and who makes it
    • The recommended use
    • If or when it is a hazardous material
    • Ingredients
    • First-aid measures 
    • Fire-fighting measures 
    • Accidental release measures
    •  Handling and storage

       These sheets help standardize safe practices and create more transparency between user and manufacturer. All liquid products used at OGs salon have SDS sheets available at the front desk upon request.

#3  Use  products as directed

      Last but not certainly not least always follow the directions. Many times products will not be ready for use, this means there is usually a dilution rate ( of water to product ratio) you should follow in order for the product to work as designed. Dilution is always a good solution, but remember these solutions should be used within 24 hours of mixing. 

 Happy Shopping!