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      We must remember that the transition back to normal will be a big change for our dogs (especially those pandemic puppies). Slowly transitioning your dog to being comfortable at home alone will be important for you, your dog and your home.

     Luckily domesticated dogs have been adjusting to our human lifestyle for years so this is nothing new. But remember gradual transitions are the easiest. Doggielawn has a great article on their blog titled, Got Separation Anxiety?.” where they go over how to establish or reestablish the leaving ritual. Be sure to check out, “5 Products to Ease Separation Anxiety ” for product suggestions to supplement your transitional training.

     DoggieLawn has a myriad of helpful articles about pet care far beyond how to use their product. They also include a 2 month free trial of AskVet. This telehealth app will conveniently help you manage your pets health journey all from your phone. If you will no longer work from home this may be a convenient service to cut down on those veterinary office visits because we all know how hard it is to get an appointment these days.

     If you are interested in subscribing to DoggieLawn or click here for $15 off your first purchase. if you are in the military (thank you for your service) you can receive $5 off every shipment if you fill out their form

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