I’ve tried writing this post several times. But I did not want to write to my clients or future renters motivated by fear and anxiety. Yes, the world is rapidly changing and we as a community must adjust in order to move forward. Of course we followed and kept up to date with our county’s shelter-in-place guidelines. Post shelter-in-place order we will continue to utilize the county’s guidelines by requiring: face masks in the salon, practicing social distancing, canceling appointments when the client or groomer is unwell, washing hands regularly and thoroughly and offering drive through check in/check out upon request.

When we first opened up our salon we had big dreams of creating a blue ocean strategy for the grooming industry. Our idea was to stop defining groomers as employees but as skilled trade workers. We believe giving the groomers the power to decide their own prices and practices will empower them to maintain a livable wage here in the Bay Area.

This means every groomer is in business for themselves. We are a small business made up of small businesses. When you support any groomer in our salon you are not just supporting them, but the idea of changing the grooming industry standards to improve our community.We look forward to seeing all of our regular clients back as soon as they are ready! We also would like to thank the influx of new clients for supporting us during these uncertain times. We appreciate you!