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Ever since I can remember I’ve been buying dog collars. There are so many options and it can be hard to know what you need. The basic purpose is to attach a leash and ID to your dog so they can be safely controlled and identified. A collar is a strap worn around the dog’s neck and is the quintessential option for a companion dog.


Collars can be put into two different categories. First, fashion collars for making your dog the trendiest pet on the block. Second, training collars for behavior modification. With any type of collar you need to remember fit and placement are of the utmost importance! To achieve the ideal fit you will use the two finger rule. A well fitted collar will feel snug but still allow you to fit 2 fingers in between the collar and dog’s neck. The ideal place the collar should be is right behind the ears and under the neck, think of where the collars sit on the dogs competing in the Westminster Dog Show. That’s how high the collar should sit on your dog’s neck so that you have the most control of your dog’s head.


If your dog is not quite used to walking on a leash you may be interested in training collars to help them ease into proper walking. Start with researching martingale collars like the Coastal Nylon and Chain Martingale Collar. This type of collar that has a limited capacity tightening feature to safely walk dogs who slip their leashes during on-the-leash training. This is the most gentle form of a tightening collar to teach your dog about how to safely walk on their leash. You can also try a slip collar like the Alvalley Nylon Slip Collar if you need more constraint. With these types of collars it’s very important to use them as directed and work with a qualified trainer to find the best practices for you and your pet.


Newer trends in collars emphasize cleaner, more sustainable materials like the New Earth® Soy Adjustable Dog Collar it is made of 100% soy fibers that are natural, strong and durable. They use all natural dyes and are anti-bacterial. If you are looking for the most sanitary collar you should try a Jelly Pet Dog Collar that features a waterproof non-porous design.


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*contains affiliate links*