OG cowork now has a new bather and groomer available for booking! All OG renters study under co-founder Kumar Rané. OG’s program utilizes a mix of traditonal learning and on-the-job work experience to build grooming skills. Pricing will be based off Kumar Rané of Original Grooming’s bath price list. Get to know our bathers by reading their biographies of their dog grooming journey below!  


            Daniel Barrs of Apex Grooming will be available for bathing services as he continues to perfect his haircutting skills. But don’t think of him as a novice apprentice. Daniel’s background in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) will be incredibly beneficial for your dog as they grow accustomed to the salon and grooming procedures. He can work with those who wish to implement more positive reinforcement strategies to modify unsafe dog behavior within the salon. Schedule a bath with Daniel today!

            Ruby Perez started her pet career as a bather in a corporate grooming salon. She was hoping to work her way up to groomer but after realizing that the groomers in her salon were very overworked, underpaid, and prohibited from bringing their own dog to the salon; she started looking for better options. 

Both Ruby and her dog Nugget have joined OG cowork for their new grooming adventure. Join Nugget and Ruby as they continue to grow her grooming skill. Book with Ruby (& Nugget) here

photograph: Benjamin Lehman