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     DoggieLawn is our apartment dog’s preferred lawn subscription service. As our furry friend ages he has become more incontinent. This used to mean washing his outside pet bed every other day. We swapped out an outdoor bed for DoggieLawn and I’m so happy we did. Gone are the days where of constantly smelling  and touching wet and smelly dog bedding/covers.

    DoggieLawn can be used as a full fledged potty training device or whatever you imagine; but, for our senior dog he enjoys his lawn a green outdoor doggie bed. The most ‘backyard’ feeling our apartment pet will ever get. Plus if he become a little incontinent, that’s ok, its just grass!

    The hydroponic grown, ‘soil-less’, is easy to maintain and especially easy to maintain with a  tray. It comes in 5 sizes plus a ton of extras to add onto to your purchase (like poop bags!)

  Your first purchase will contribute to a charity to help one of the non-profits DoggieLawn supports. Curious about the quality? Save $5 on your first subscription order with code: AFFILK5

*This post contains DoggieLawn affiliate links*